Hello world!

Well I have no idea whether my loyal reader will ever find me again but this is entirely my own fault for posting nothing at all for over one year. My old website became impossible to edit as it was under a sustained spam attack. Hopefully this WordPress blogsite will prove more robust. This has been a classic Formula One season and is heading for a cliff-hanger of a finish. I’m sure that I will soon find something to say….

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3 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Muhammad Uzair says:

    Hello Peter 🙂

    Good to see you back. Well I have to say I almost gave up logging in to your blog. I was like “how can Peter not blog this season, he must’ve had to say something”. E.g. Ferrari resurgence, the new teams, Red Bull floor and front wing, how five drivers can win it, the conflict over the famous Colin Chapman’s ‘Team Lotus’. As the season got more exciting it became harder not to visit Rosehillpilot. I missed your take on things all F1. Anyways looking forward to your next entry. Hope all is well at your end.

  2. MattNZ says:

    Finally…hooray for rss feeds that autocheck updates for you. About time

  3. Kohto says:

    Hi Peter!
    I’m so happy you are back. Hopefully we will soon here you more.

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