Intense Frustration

Must I transport everything to a Google platform? Probably, as seems to be fairly belly up when it comes to allowing loyal old users to post anything at all on their own Blogsites. Never mind; there is much to say about this fascinating 2012 F1 season. I am provoked to make a comment by Gary Anderson’s latest posting on the BBC F1 site. Now Gary is not a stupid man in any sense of the expression but I believe that he is demonstrating several incorrect ways of thinking that are holding back many current F1 teams. What arrogance I am displaying here! Now, if only Gary and I could work together with a new young team, who knows what we would achieve? See Gary’s comments on Mercedes F1 here:

To see my own thoughts about Gary’s thoughts watch this space. 

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One Response to Intense Frustration

  1. Good to see you back, Peter :)

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